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10 Reasons To Ditch The Chemicals and Go Natural

When I first started running my own home, I bought every single cleaning product on the shelf. I had kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, all purpose cleaners and I had them in sprays, creams and everything in between. The assumption was the more we threw at the dirt, the cleaner it would be.

Then I started being a lot more budget conscience and realised an all purpose cleaner could do everything a kitchen, toilet, bathroom, shower cleaner could do. I also didn’t need sprays and creams. So I went from 6/7 different products down to about two.

My journey was not over, I started researching and reading about the chemicals that we bring into our homes and realised that we didn’t need any of the chemicals I was spraying all over with gay abandon. So I did a little experiment and made a kitchen cleaner from equal parts vinegar, water and a few drops of eucalyptus/tea tree oil. We used it for ages and it worked so well and the added bonus was it kept the flies away. 

Then I discovered SoPure and life became a little brighter. All of the products from SoPure are literally SoPure and free from all the nasty chemicals, they are plant powered and almost 100% natural. The So Pure range is pretty extensive which I really like. I am a lazy shopper, I want to get all my stuff in once place or from one brand so this works.10 Reasons To Go Green | HarassedMom

If you are on the fence about going chemical free, maybe these reasons will help you make a final decision and if you are still spraying chemicals around your kitchen, do a little research about other options if you don’t trust me.

  1. It is safe for kids. Fun fact but you could drink the SoPure products which means if your baby accidentally gets hold of them, they will be ok. 
  2.  Eco-friendly products generally help you to reduce waste. Most brands who are creating these products are aware of the packaging they use. So Pure comes in 5 litre containers so you can decant it into smaller containers.
  3. They are safe for use on children or adults with sensitive skin. Natural means free from chemicals and other “bad” things which means there are fewer things that can cause skin irritations. 
  4. Green products are friendlier to your overall home environment because you are not spraying chemicals into the air of your home. So basically the more of these cleaner products you use, the cleaner your indoor air is. 
  5. It may work out economical. Ok ok so I see you all side-eyeing me here. But what we have realised is you do not need to spray your entire kitchen with a thick layer of cleaner to clean it effectively. I tested the SoPure cream cleaner. One morning Cameron had made french toast (oil all over the stove) then David and I made food on the stove. So it was pretty grungy and oil. I took a cloth, wet it with hot water, put a little bit of cleaner of it and wiped the stove – it was clean and oil free. I didn’t need to add more or keep cleaning. Generally our counters just need a spray of the kitchen cleaner and a wipe down and they are fine. So in the long wrong it does work out, especially since they sell 5 liters. 
  6. You know what is in your products. This is a big one for me. When I read the ingredient list I want to know what all the items are and be able to pronounce them. 
  7. Chemicals damage your stuff!! Have you ever accidentally had bleach spill on your clothes? Do you know what the chemicals are doing to your furniture? The chemicals and toxins in cleaning products can actually damage the texture of certain surfaces.
  8. They smell so much nicer. So Pure uses essential oils in their products and the handwash and laundry detergent have lemon grass in and smell a little like heaven.
  9. It helps with an overall cleaner environment. Your used water from the kitchen will not be full of chemicals and toxins and you could even use it in your gray water system.
  10. You can get the kids to help out more, from when they are little. Ok so maybe I am the only one who gets this benefit but because you can legit drink these products, you can give them to your 3 year old and let her spray the counters without worrying she sprays it in her face or on the dog.

So what SoPure products did we try out and where they really that great?10 Reasons To Go Green | HarassedMom

There were a few but these are the ones I think you need to start with if you are considering making the change. (Which you all should be.)

SoPure Naturally 3x concentrated laundry detergent: As mentioned about this has lemongrass in so all my clothes have a lemongrass scent and I love it. You don’t need a lot of this product per wash and it is safe for newborns.

SoPure Naturally Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner: This is a spray and I have managed to convince Jane that this is the bomb. (She was not convinced about this whole natural thing). I spray and my entire kitchen counter is clean and bacteria free. You can also use this as a bathroom cleaner.

SoPure Naturally Disinfecting Floor Cleaner: Jane loves this one. Our whole house is tiles so there is a lot of floor cleaning and a few drops of this to the water and our floors are clean and there is a faint orange aroma in the house.

SoPure Naturally Anti Bacterial Cream Cleaner: This could also be called a oil busting magical potion. I really put this product to the test, not only with the stove but with some pans as well. It cleaned everything I tried it on.

SoPure Naturally Hygiene Hand wash: I am so in love with this hand wash! It smells absolutely amazing, has a squeeze top so easy to wash hands after painting or if they kids have greasy food hands. I am always wary of liquid hand washes, we seem to use them super quickly but this one works perfectly with one squeeze and seems to be lasting longer than most. 

Overall I am super impressed with these products and in case it wasn’t clear, I love that it comes in larger containers, I wish everyone did this. 

This whole shift is a work in progress for us but I am committed to trying to make changes, even small ones, that reduce the amount of chemicals I bring into our home.

Are you using green products in your home?

Disclaimer: I was sent some So Pure products in exchange for a review

10 Reasons To Go Green | HarassedMom


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  1. Marjie Mare
    3 December, 2018 / 7:28 am

    I love your post. I am trying to use everything natural lately. Thanks for sharing.

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