The 12 hour tantrum

I try to be a good parent. I really do. I know my kids tantrums are as a result of them being tired, hungry, over-stimulated or sick. So I try to deal with the tantrum accordingly. On a good day I even manage to do the things they tell you on Pinterest. I go down to their level, I don’t shout, I acknowledge their feelings. 

Then, good people of the interwebs, there are days like yesterday. These are not good days. These are the days I feel like a survivor of a shipwreck crawling to shore, exhausted, defeated and starving. The discovery of land means I may not die, but then the realisation hits that it is a deserted island and I am stranded, no compass, no cellphone and no food. 

On Friday Ford delivered an EcoSport for me to test drive for the week. I didn’t really get a chance to drive it on Friday so decided to take it to the shops on Saturday. This is where I make my first rookie mistake, I allow Jack and Emma to talk me into taking them with. I figured I only needed to get a few things – literally like 4 things so it would be a quick little exercise. WRONG!!!!!!!

As soon as we get into the shop Emma starts asking for every shiny thing her eyes can see. Jack quickly joins in. But they are pretty calm about me saying no so I soldier on. We get to the queues and Jack spots a car (a car very similar if not the same as the 10245722 cars he has at home) and asks me to buy it. I refuse, he then launches into a rather passionate plea that includes the following

  • Why don’t you ever buy me toys?
  • When are you going to buy me toys?
  • Take something out of the trolley and put it back and then I can get the car!
  • You are so boring!
  • When are you not going to be so boring?

It also included tears, lots of tears, some actual crying, a few stomps of his feet.


What also happened during this all is I realised David had taken my card out of my purse and the card I had had no money on it. I was about to do a transfer when I realised I had left my phone in the car with Kiara.

So I leave my trolley with the security guard and take both kids, one still crying back to the car to get my phone. Emma agrees to stay with Kiara while I run back to pay but I have to drag Jack back into the store, still asking me why I am so boring. 

We get back to the car and I can’t figure out how to open up the boot. Fortunately the car guard is well versed in how to open boots and came to my rescue. We are trying to pack the groceries into the boot (yes it did end up more than 4 things) when Emma starts screaming for the chocolate I bought her. I am not sure why my kids can’t just ask for things – they need to scream.

Eventually everyone is in, chocolates open and off we go. The trip home is SIX minutes. In that SIX minutes, Jack eats his chocolate and gets a little bit on his hands. This causes him to melt down epically. He can’t lick his fingers, nor can he wipe them on his shirt, he can only sit with his hands in the air crying.

We get home and there is a moment of silence until they start demanding the cookies I bought for Ray. I give them a packet of rice cakes to share, obviously Emma refuses to share and Jack can’t deal so cue more screaming, tantrums and all round craziness. Emma finishes the rice cakes she has and demands the cookies. D and I stand firm and say no. Emma stands firm in her demand and throws a 20 minute tantrum. This child has resolve and managed to wake Baby R and I think our neighbours are considering putting their house on the market.

It does not end there. Dinner time was disastrous. I have these divine meals from Baby Tastes that I decide to heat up for the younger 3. Baby R shovels his meal in with such excitement. Jack refuses his meatballs and pasta and Emma demands I remove all the red, green and brown stuff from hers. Needless to say Baby R and Kiara are the only ones who ate dinner. Emma had a spoon of peanut butter and I think Jack had a banana. 


I am not even going to tell you about bedtime because I was just so happy when everyone closed their eyes. 

It was not the best day we have ever had. I shouted, David shouted, Kiara hid out in her room. Baby R stared at us all wondering what the hell he has gotten himself into and Lucy was shaking with anxiety by 18h00. 

How was your Saturday?

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  1. 8 October, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Oh Laura how totally awful. So sorry. xxx I find these days Nicky tantrums towards the end of the day over little things like a tiny lego piece he can’t find.
    Heather recently posted…Nicky the pirateMy Profile

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