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5 friends, 12 kids, 20 years and a million stories


I have been out of school 20 years this year. TWENTY YEARS! It makes me feel so old. I had this crazy idea last year that I wanted to organise our reunion. I put the word out and it was very slow to gain momentum because we are all spread across the globe. During my emailing and messaging our head girl mentioned she would be here in January and maybe we could organise something. So a few of us in Joburg organised a mini reunion of sorts for last Saturday!

So there we were 5 friends, 3 of whom I last saw 20 years ago! . Taryn and I have connected in person over the last few years a few times but the rest I haven’t actually seen yet I know whats going on with them thanks to Facebook.

Taryn graciously hosted us all which was really great because there are so many kids that going to a restaurant can get challenging. We had such a lovely afternoon. Jillian commented that it was like yesterday we were all together and it really did feel like that. We chatted and caught up and shared stories from the last 20 years and laughed at old teachers, old classmates and things we did back then (much to my older children’s amusement.).


Taryn and I have been friends since Grade 1 so we have known each other over 31 years now. Her folks live up here too now and they popped in which was so lovely because they were also a big part of our lives growing up. I do think Taryn’s mom had a chuckle afterwards because we were all running around wiping bums, fulling bottles, applying sunscreen while she sat and gave cuddles to all the babies.

Despite everything we have all been through – divorce,tragedy, marriages, births – we are still, at the core, the same people we were back then and it was so great to be with people who shaped so much of who I am and were a part of all those moments that change our lives – first kisses, first sip of alcohol, first time you lock a teacher in the store room.

All of us apart from Jillian live in Joburg so there is no reason to wait another 20 years to get together!!

Taryn is the one standing on the end next to me! (She asked me to please mention her personally).

Have you been to any reunions? Are you in touch with school friends?




  1. 26 January, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    I really enjoyed your blog today.

    I loved school, as in studying… but made very few real connections with kids around me.

    My friend Vicky and I remain very close although she lives in the States now. We met when I was 12…. I am now 41.

    There is nobody I feel I need to unite with from school. I have a handful of friends on my Facebook from my growing up years.
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  2. 26 January, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    LOVE this post.

    I feel like this – yes, I’m facebook friends with a good many of them but if we weren’t close enough for either of us to keep in contact pre-FB, then I’m not going to do so now.

    Great post – I think I should blog 🙂

    I loved school, people, activities, everything so it’s not like I had a terrible time.

    I would go to a reunion though if enough of the people I really liked were there!

    PS one of the kids in my class who I was very good friends with stays in the next street (apparently) – I’ve never seen him around or at the malls…..
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…Temp nanny number 3My Profile

    • Laura-Kim
      28 January, 2015 / 8:45 am

      Marcia – Emma’s nanny works for an old school friend of mine on a Saturday which means she lives nearby but I have also not seen her around.

  3. 26 January, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Gosh…it has been 36 years since I was in matric. I have a few of my old school friends on Facebook…had coffee dates with some of them, but have very little in common after all these years.
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  4. 27 January, 2015 / 8:56 am

    I loved this post!
    Two years ago I met up with a few girls who were at school with me. Some of us were close friends and others not. But suddenly we all got along. It was great! I realised how important it is to connect with people who know where you’re coming from, who know where you’ve been.
    Claudz recently posted…New Year’s Eve, New Year, ShiftMy Profile

  5. 27 January, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    Lovely such a reunion. Only the people that you were friends with! Great idea!
    Karen at MomAgain@40 recently posted…Final year!My Profile

  6. 28 January, 2015 / 9:51 am

    It looks like a great get together!

    I think I’ve been to 3 reunions, had fun at all.of them. I still keep in touch with quite a few old school friends.
    Louisa recently posted…Bob’s your uncle…or in my case, BenMy Profile

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