7 things I wish I had known about Aunty Flow

Yes this is a post about your monthly visitor, Aunty Flow, the Red Ferrari or whatever else you may call your period. Growing up we didn’t really talk about it at all. It happened and that was pretty much that. I wouldn’t say it is something I am ashamed about but it has never really been something I have felt happily talking about. I am part of a campaign at the moment with Comfitex and the motivation for being involved with this campaign is to be more comfortable talking about my periods. I am raising two girls and I really want them to be comfortable with their own bodies, know what is going on and know how to handle the changes their bodies go through. If I am not comfortable with it, how will they be.

(Side note: Do not google “other names for a period”)


Knowing these 10 things would not have made my period go away or any of it easier, I just would have known!

I wish I had known;

  1. Just how crazy I would go. This has gotten worse with age/pregnancies but I wish I had known how my body would be taken over by the crazies! I was on Evening Primrose for a few months to control it. I would hear the crazy come out of my mouth and not be able to control it, it is slightly better now.
  2. The volume. Nothing really prepares you properly for a heavy period and I only experienced after I had given birth to Emma. It is hard to believe you can lose that much blood and not die. 
  3. Tampons aren’t that easy to use. This is sort of like breastfeeding, it is assumed every female was born knowing how to latch a baby and how to use a tampon. Maybe they are but I missed the memo on both!
  4. It can arrive at anytime. If you are lucky you will have a 28 day cycle but even then there are times it will just arrive, unannounced and unwanted. 
  5. The pain! Oh man the pain! The tummy cramps, the back ache, the sore boobs. The whole thing is painful in so many ways.
  6. To keep an emergency bag every where. I have reserves in all my bags, my car and now my office. 
  7. I would eat ALL.THE.FOOD. Seriously maybe it is just an excuse but Aunty Flow brings with her an insatiable appetite for chocolate and pretty much all the carbs I can shove in my face.

What did you wish you knew?

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