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Merry Christmas and all that!


It is all over so quickly isn’t it? We wait all year for the time with family and friends, we plan menus, write lists, save, book holidays, spend hours wrapping, putting elves on shelves and then it’s over! The turkey is eaten, the gamon flattened and the roast potatoes fought over!

We had such a lovely Christmas Eve with my family. There was much over indulgence and delicious food. We ate, drank and IMG_2476were merry. The kids went to bed, reluctantly and Santa delivered bags of gifts! There were 4 happy little people on Christmas morning.

Then we packed the car – let me tell you how much stuff you can fit in an H1 – 4 bicycles, 3 golf bags, 5 suitcases of varying size, a dolls house (still in the box), a cricket bag, gym bag, a box of Christmas gift, 3 kids, 2 adults and a few extra bits and pieces shoved in all the open spots! We arrived in Villiersdorp over an hour after packing the car to the most perfect house! We had hardly unpacked and the kids were at the dam on the boat soaking up the sunshine. David’s aunt and uncle fed us the hugest lunch ever! Really there was food and more food! We ate some more. It was glorious!

And now we chill some more. The presents have all been opened, the main meals of the season have been prepared (and eaten) – all that is left now is to soak up the sun and enjoy the last week of our holiday!!!

I say it every time I come here but I love being here. I have only the happiest of memories here and each time we are here we make more. My kids love it, they spent time outside, in the glorious sunlight, swimming, playing golf, just being kids. It is so great. It is even greater being together as a family, relaxing and ignoring real life for a little bit.

How was your Christmas Day?



  1. 26 December, 2013 / 7:42 pm

    I keep forgetting about Theawaterskloof. Am going to make a plan to go there for AT LEAST a weekend. It’s not even that far so I have no excuse.
    LOVE that you are having a glorious time and I hope that you are finding time to rest and take LOTS of pics.
    My Christmas day was AWESOME. I had a bit of the post xmas blues today but I think that it’s passed now.

  2. 26 December, 2013 / 9:06 pm

    Glad to hear your Christmas was awesome. Mine was also great: I prepared weeks in advance, as I was hosting my 4 siblings and their families and 2 or 3 friends. In total I had around 30 people. It rained the whole day, but we had such a lot of fun hanging out none of us minded. I was pleased to see them level the mountain of food and enjoy every bite.

  3. 26 December, 2013 / 10:20 pm

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing trip!

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