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Blending with a beauty blender

Beauty Blender| HarassedMomAs you all know I am a complete make-up novice but I am trying to learn more and find easier and better ways of doing things. I have recently discovered that not all make up brushers are created equally but also that you get these very cool little sponges called a beauty blender. They really make applying your foundation and powder so much easier.  

It is super easy to use, you simply apply your foundation to your face and gently blend it in to your skin. (This post talks about stippling and has a cool video.). I also use it for my foundation powder, it really does get it all blended in nice and evenly. If you turn it over to the thinner side then you can get your foundation nicely evened out around your eyes and nose. 

Because I am still learning and trying out new things I often get it wrong, this blender is a great way to “rub out” those mistakes. If I have put the wrong colour eye shadow on or don’t like the look, I can rub over if with this blender and its all gone. 

The consultant who sold me this in DisChem apparently uses her to apply her eye shadow, I am struggling a little bit with that but it does work for our base colour eye shadow, if you use the smaller side. It is also really cheap, I think it was R11.99 at DisChem but you get a whole lot of different ones. 

Do you have one of these beauty blenders?

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  1. 6 March, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    I used to use a blender to apply my foundation but have been trying applying with brushes – which I have found blends better than the blender sponges did. Trial and error – proving that old girls can learn new tricks (and my old I refer to me and not you)
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