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Bedtime Conversations

Emma spent 5 nights with my mother, she fell asleep on her own, in her own bed.  Now I know she can do it, even if she refuses to do it at home. Her and I still spend up to an hour in bed each night before she falls asleep. Emma talks non-stop during that time. She either counts (more info on this to follow) or she asks questions or she just talks. She clearly needs the time to unwind and decompress before she can fall asleep.Bedtime Conversations with Emma | HarassedMom

Our conversations are quiet funny most nights and we talk about pretty much everything. These are a few of the topics we have talked about and questions she has asked.

We have discussed in depth why and how I am the boss of the house.

She does this really advanced maths sums for a 4 year old – things like “when dad is x years old, I will be x years old” and she does this with everyone we know! I don’t give her the answers, she somehow figures it out. 

How do babies get into their mom’s tummy. (I will admit to putting this one on the storks shoulders for now)

There have been some lengthy discussions about the behaviour of her classmates (apparently some of the need some discipline)

My parents live in the Western Cape, this is a cause of great frustration for Emma and we often discuss why they live there. She will not accept my explanation that they like Montagu and want to live there.Bedtime Conversations with Emma | HarassedMom

We regularly countdown to everyone’s birthdays – she knows she has less days than Jack so you have to give a realistic number. 

Sleep! We talk about why she doesn’t like to sleep a lot. She offers no explanation other than she just doesn’t like it. 

She has recently started asking a lot of questions about Cameron and Kiara’s biological dad. These aren’t always the most comfortable of conversations.

Family dymanics come up a lot – who is my mom, who is David’s brother, who is my sister – stuff like that. She includes Lucy (our dog) here. 

Some nights I end up being interrogated for 60 minutes straight making bedtime anything but relaxing for my poor brain.

What bedtime conversation are you having with your kids?





  1. 16 July, 2018 / 3:03 am

    My kids were hard to get to sleep at that age too. They always had questions and stall tactics. Now they pretty much go to bed without an issue.

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