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{Product Review} Black River Coffee Stout: Is it beer or is it coffee?

This isn’t my usual product review but when I received this press release a while ago I was intrigued. I do have a slight coffee addiction so anything with coffee in gets my attention. I will admit to not really being a big beer drinker but I recently tried some craft beer and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. 

The team at Boston Breweries sent us a pack of their new Black River Coffee Stout to try out, I have shared how we used it to make the most amazing chocolate and ale cake but what where my thoughts on the beer?

Before we get to that, a little bit more about how this stout came into being.Black River Coffee Stout | HarassedMom

Black River Coffee Stout. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a jet-black brew with a toffee coloured head with an unmistakable aroma of perfectly roasted coffee beans. With a hint of delicious malt in the background, this is a taste-bud activating scent that invites that deep first sip.

A caffeinated beer? “Absolutely!” says Chris Barnard, Chief Brewer and MD of innovative Boston Breweries craft brewing company. “This is a stout: a drink that is to be savoured rather than chugged. It is the
perfect evening drink, and is ideal at meal time too. It’s a fantastic accompaniment to sweeter foods, and the subtle carbonation makes it perfect to cleanse palates after creamy dishes.” 

The beer comes from Boston Breweries but the coffee is from the talented team at Deluxe Coffeeworks.

“Black River Coffee Stout fits the Deluxe Coffee profile to perfection. We are passionate about coffee and we think that this is good enough reasons for us to do what we do: roast, supply and serve coffee in the best way we know how. In Black River Coffee Stout our coffee taste is brilliantly captured, and we are proud to be collaborating with Boston Breweries on this great stout.” This adventurous approach also highlights the Deluxe Coffeeworks team’s belief that what counts in the world of coffee is not hackneyed tradition, but what the clients want, and how they like to consume their brew.

 The sticker on Black River Coffee Stout’s bottles says it perfectly: “Where brewing meets the grind!” 

It took me a while to get used to the taste but this stout is a lot smoother than most beers, it is almost like drinking velvet which makes it so easy to drink. That said this isn’t a beer you drink down in a couple of sips, it is a drink you enjoy with dinner or afterwards with dessert. There are few things I enjoy more than the smell of coffee, especially a good quality coffee and when you open it you can smell the Deluxe Coffeeworks and it adds to the whole experience of this unique drink.

As much as I did enjoy this Black River Coffee Stout, I am not sure I am a convert just yet but David definitely is. He really enjoyed this drink after dinner.

Have you tasted this yet? Are you a beer drinker?


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