Fathers Day Gift Idea: REC Watches

Fathers Day is around the corner. If your partner loves cars and you are looking for something unique, then you have to check out these amazing REC watches. They will make for an amazing Father’s Day gift, definitely something your partner (or your father) will appreciate.

These watches are made from recycled luxury car parts. The parts are  identified and recovered from all over the world. The components are recycled but as much of the patina as possible is recycled. It is a really great concept and I really love the fact that each watch is completely unique.


Petrol heads and watch fanatics to the bone, our ambition with REC Watches is to transform those passions into truly unique timepieces.

Instead of some obscure year of establishment, every single REC timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled iconic parts. A concept which we named RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM – or just REC for short.

We’ve put our hearts, souls and more work than we care to think about into these collections, and always strive to hit a perfect blend of distinctive designs, subtle references, handmade components, and fantastic storytelling!

The below watch is a part of the 901 collection which means all of these watches are made from salvaged Porsche 911’s

REC Watches| HarassedMom

Below are the watches made from salvaged 1960 Ford Mustangs

REC Watches| HarassedMom

Are they not really stunning? 

You can read more about the brand here. You can contact me if you would like to find out more information.

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