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Fighting flu, the healthy way

I am not sure if it has just been luck, or maybe I just birth tough kids but my children are rarely sick. When they are it is usually something out of the ordinary. Jack was admitted once with a tummy bug and Cameron had a swine flu vibe a few years ago. They babies did have a few bouts of tonsilitis but they were never very sick with it. I have never been one to rush to the Dr when they get the sniffles or a runny nose. I rely on time, their own bodies to fight whatever it is, tissues salts now and then and more often than not home remedies have worked!

This does not mean we never get the flu, of course we do, it’s just short lived and we don’t make a big deal. (I don’t make a big deal about mainly, the males in the house make a massive deal about it.) I have mentioned that I am trying to move us to a more natural lifestyle and this extends to the medication we take, when we have to take it. 

The team at Letibalm recently sent me a few Letibalm products, which I love and we can’t survive winter without. Cameron and Kiara have actually hidden their lip balms so the other one can’t take it! They also sent me a kit to make a flu fighter which I am absolutely loving because it is totally natural!

All you need to do is slice up a lemon, get some ginger, a generous piece and some honey. Layer the 3 products in a bottle/jar/tupperware and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. You can then take out some lemon and drink it as a tea OR you can pour the liquid into a smoothie, which I am doing and it is amazing!

You could add in whatever else you wanted to, some tumeric could work as well or some collagen.

You can also make a bigger batch and then just keep it in the fridge for winter. The longer it stands the more in mixes up. 

What are some of your natural  flu buster remedies?


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