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Gluten-free Lunchbox Ideas

There is an ever-increasing part of me that would love to pack everything up and move to a plot/farm somewhere and grow our own veggies, make butter from our own cow and eat eggs from our own chickens. The more I learn about what happens to our bodies when we eat the chemicals in most of our food, the more I want to stop eating everything (except chocolate, chocolate and coffee are fine,right). 

I have recently started a big “eliminate crap from our diets” campaign and we are 5 days in and I can actually see a difference in Jack’s behaviour. When people hear I am gluten-free they always, always ask “so what do you eat?”. One of the reasons I have been hesitant to remove gluten from the kids lunch-boxes is because I assumed we couldn’t afford the alternative and that they wouldn’t eat what I packed! Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas | HarassedMom

I was wrong on both counts!

Before I carry on, I just want to say that I am not removing carbs from our diets. I am, however, removing the ‘bad’ carbs. The overly processed stuff that really has no, or very little, nutritional value for my kids. 

I have stopped buying bread and 2-minute noodles. If they don’t want to eat the home-made bread I bake daily, they don’t eat bread!

What, then, am I packing in their lunch boxes?

  • Cooked chicken pieces. I cut them up into bite size pieces, pan-fry in a little coconut oil with some Himalayan salt.
  • Cut up peppers. My kids love peppers. I buy the little ones from Checkers (sometimes you can get them on their 50% shelf) and cut up one for them.
  • Baby tomatoes. Jack loves these. He would eat a whole pack if possible. 
  • Mini sausages – try find ones that are made by the butchery, not the processed ones, like viennas.
  • Ham and cheese – cut up pieces of cheese with some ham are great sources of protein and always a hit. 
  • Biltong – always a winner. Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas | HarassedMom

Since we have made the changes, Jack doesn’t come home starving and has stopped asking for pasta every single afternoon. He has a snack when he does ask, usually cheese, peppers, cold meat or some fruit and then we have dinner.

How much attention do you pay to what you and your family eat? Does it bother you? 

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Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas|HarassedMom


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  1. 24 May, 2018 / 8:11 am

    We are pretty good about knowing what we are eating as we are big on menu planning and freezer meals.
    I have nothing against gluten, so HB eats many sandwiches with plain old white bread (brown bread tend to get mouldy). We never buy 2-min noodles, as no one wants to eat it. We do try to keep it simple, in season and cheap, if possible. For us, that normally translates to healthy as well.
    Pancakes (you can do it without gluten too) are a good option, with cream cheese.
    Fruit, we bake fruit muffins an use those as lunchbox snacks, mini quiches, little homemade pizzas.
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