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Gluten-free tips when eating out

People often assume that if you are following a gluten-free diet then eating out is almost impossible, well it isn’t. Fortunately with banting and low-carb diets all the rage now, a lot of restaurants have specific items on the menu that are gluten-free. Even without those meals though, if you look most restaurants have a few gluten-free meals.

We don’t eat out a lot but I do often work remotely from restaurants and am often there over lunch and obviously I pick places that have yummy food I can eat (that is also reasonably priced).

I love working from Woolworths for a few reasons but one of them is their delicious soups, the harissa bean soup is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect winter meal and some of the cafes have gluten-free bread options as well. It is also a reasonable priced meal. 

Tips for eating out when you are gluten free | HarassedMom

Some of the Wellness Warehouse stores have restaurants that run daily buffets and they are absolutely amazing. This is definitely the biggest selection of gluten-free meals I have seen in one place! They have a great variety of meals, including vegetarian meals. You pay per weight but it is pretty reasonable priced for what you get.

Col’cacchio have the best gluten-free pizza’s you will find. They have some lovely options and the pizza’s actually taste like pizza. It is also pretty reasonably priced when you consider the price of pizza in general. 

Seafood can get a little tricky because everyone loves coating fish in flour, so if you do want to eat fish or calamari, make sure you tell the waiter not to add any flour. Don’t assume grilled means no flour, they still often sprinkle flour on it.

Pretty much any steakhouse in South Africa has a range of red meat available which is obviously gluten-free. Be careful with sauces though, many restaurants thicken them with flour. And avoid the onion rings unfortunately, they are more flour than onion. 

I have found most restaurants to be pretty accommodating when I ask them to leave the bun off a burger or to leave products containing gluten out of the meal. If you are intolerant or allergic it is always better to check the ingredients with the waiter/chef. 

Where are some of your favourite places to eat out?

Tips for eating out when you are gluten free | HarassedMom




  1. Robyn Greengrass
    29 July, 2018 / 8:02 am

    Hi Laura,
    I am new to your blog,
    My hubby is wheat intolerant. So if ever you are in Cape Town I have a list of awesome places that have gluten free options! Keep up the fantastic blog!

    • Laura-Kim
      29 July, 2018 / 9:04 am

      Thanks so much Robyn 🙂 You must check out Earthborn foods – they are in the Western Cape – my moms orders mixes from them. Super easy to make their gf bread in the bread maker

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