Introducing Spree’s new Image Search feature.

I have always been a little hesitant to buy clothes online. While I do not enjoy actual shopping, I have always worried about the fit of clothes if you buy them online. I started buying online over a year ago and honestly I love it! I can spend weeks browsing stores if I want to. There is no horrible change room encounters and I have figured out my sizes on most of the bigger outlets. 

I have bought quite a few things for both the kids and I from Spree, they have a great selection of smart/casual clothes for work meetings. They also have an app which means I can shop any time. Spree have recently launched an Image Search feature on their app and it is the best thing.

I spent some time playing around with this feature last week and it so cool what technology can do. How often do you see someone wearing a shirt or a dress or even a pair of shoes that you want, now it is so easy to find them. I wanted a pair of pink sneakers for my birthday. Kiara’s dance teacher had the perfect pair, I actually did take a pic of them and sent them to David. This app would have made it SO simple!!

It’s pretty easy to use it, you simply upload an image of an item of clothing you have seen and want to buy.

I started with this image, I bought this shirt about 2 winters ago. I love it. I can dress it up or down but it is done now. I need a new one and I actually can’t seem to find one I like anywhere.

Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

This is what Spree came up with. While the denim one isn’t really the right colour, I really like this shirt. 

Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

Then I did some stalking. Belinda always looks so awesome, so I found one of her outfits. I really like this skirt. Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

I got these options which I think are all pretty cool. 

Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

Then just for fun I tried this print. I saw it on one of my friends Facebook feeds and I really liked it.

Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

I think these results were probably my favourite. 

Spree Image Search|HarassedMom

The app is not 100% yet but I think the results will get more accurate the more it is used. It does find you the items you want though. Sometimes you have to scroll down a little bit but each search I did I did mange to find something I wanted to buy. 

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, download it and give this function a try and let me know what you think. I think it is so cool, it makes finding the clothes you want so much easier. 

Be warned though shopping on the app is super simple, before you know it you will have bought a new wardrobe!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored blog post.

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  1. 6 August, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    I love shopping online and I love this idea! Wow haven’t picked up on this feature. i bought something online maybe 2 months ago. I have the spree app and I just tested it and it works. I love how the app can put the outfit together for you- as I have limited time (you know it goes being a mom) this will surely save time. Thank you !
    Cherralle recently posted…Bye Bye Mommy Guilt, Why You Should Feel Proud of Being a Working MomMy Profile

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