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I started my blogging journey about 10 years ago. It was before online security and over sharing was a concern or an issue. It wasn’t something we thought about back then, well I certainly didn’t think about it. I have pretty much always shared updates and information about my children. As the older two have gotten older I have been more aware of how I share information and obviously I write a lot less about them. I discuss the information I share about them with them and David and we are all happy with what is shared at the moment.

I have adopted an “embrace it” attitude with regard to my kids being online and instead of try to restrict what they do online I educate them and guide them with what to share and what not share. While the are both constantly online, neither are really big on social media or sharing. They watch videos, read articles and browse Instagram.

When I received an email about KidTech I was really keen to check it out and find out more about what it is they are offering. After a really great meeting with the team behind KidTech I was really excited to try it out and to be honest see how it could make my life easier!

KidTech offers a cellphone contract designed for children! It is aimed more at the first time phone users and from what we have experienced so far it is the ideal first phone for your child. 

The aim of the product is that it helps you, the parent, to monitor your child’s online activity. Google doesn’t understand that a child is searching something so just think for a moment how bad a search could go if a child searches MALE instead of MAIL. The apps that come with this phone allow you to set up notifications that alert you when inappropriate sites are accessed. It allows you to track your child’s movements, see what photos they are taking and receiving amongst other things!

I am going to be going into more detail about all the features in a separate post but the two things that really appealed to me, specifically in relation to Cameron was the following;

  • I can track his movements. Now before you think I am concerned about him sneaking out or bunking school, this is not the case. As you know Cameron does sports, often he forgets to let me know when they leave after a match/gala and will then call me wondering where I am. By being able to track his movements I can see exactly where he is. This makes MY life easier. But there are obviously safety benefits to this especially with younger children who are being fetched by third parties or visiting with friends
  • I can control when he is online. Last year Cameron was struggling to sleep and would stay up watching Netflix or reading on his tablet. This is not ideal and we are trying to control this a little more this year so that he is able to shut off. You can actually set times that your child is allowed to be online which for younger kids is really great.

If you are considering getting your child their first phone check out this offering, it is affordable and I can honestly say well worth it. 

I was not paid for this post but I was given the phone in exchange for the campaign. 

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  1. 1 March, 2018 / 10:50 am

    What does Cameron say about the phone. Is he happy with the limitations?
    This looks like a great idea!

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