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Let’s talk about WAXING!

A while ago I listed to an audio book by Gloria Steinem. It was her memoirs and I thoroughly loved it. She mentions at one point how she doesn’t shave her legs or her underarms and everyone now and then she will wear a sleeveless shirt and how absolutely liberating it is to not care what anyone else thinks about her unshaven underarms. In many ways I do get the appeal but I just can’t really embrace this. So I WAXIT all off. 

I started waxing years and years ago but in between always shaved, because it is quicker and there is always a razor around, there isn’t always a salon that does waxing. But for the past 5 years I have been waxing exclusively. I recently started going to the team at WAXIT Menlyn Maine and they have some sort of waxing super powers. No honestly they really do, waxes with them last longer and I think they break world records for how fast they get it done!

My latest appointment took 30 minutes and I had a half leg, underarm and eyebrows. I was back in my car 30 minutes after I arrived!

So I hear you all asking why is waxing better than shaving? Well let me tell you.

  • You do not run the risk of cutting yourself. 
  • It lasts longer. 
  • There is no rash or any other form of skin coloration. 
  • Your skin feels so smooth after you have waxed, there is no stubble or roughness. 
  • It is quick and easy and honestly it is not that painful. If the therapist knows what they are doing it is not painful.
  • Your hair eventually starts getting thinner. 

I do suffer from ingrown hairs but exfoliating weekly does help and WAXIT actually have a very cool product that helps with ingrown hairs. I have over the years bounced around from salon to salon but I have been with WAXIT since last year and when it comes to waxing, they know what they are doing. Busi, at Menlyn Maine, did my eyebrows for me and I don’t think I will use anyone else ever again!!

WAXIT have a few branches in Gauteng, but Menlyn Maine is obviously the best one!

Do you wax?

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post but I was given a voucher to use as Menlyn Maine in exchange for a review but I was already an existing client.



  1. 18 April, 2018 / 4:12 pm

    I’m going to WAXIT on Friday and I’v been growing out my underarm hair, I swear I can hear a lion roar when I lift my arms!

    • Laura-Kim
      18 April, 2018 / 6:41 pm

      hahaha yeah I know the feeling but in the long run it is SO worth it

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