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What does a long weekend really look like….well in our house anyway

It is Monday morning, the last day of a 4 day long weekend. I want to post some pictures of our perfectly curated weekend. I would love to share pictures of my children perfectly dressed in something white or pastel with a gorgeous little bunny on the front, pronking through the garden to find only their Easter eggs and delightfully place them in their baskets that I made by myself. I would love to share some pictures of the 6 of us sitting together on the couch watching a movie we all agreed on while we eat loaded popcorn, I made myself. I wish there were some images of my gorgeously decorated home, packed away washing and clean floors.

Alas though, I do not live in Pinterest. My life is not that perfectly curated. In fact the only curation going on here is a picture of Emma’s bunny on the wall.

What does Easter really look like in our home? Let me tell you, I am pretty sure at the end of you will feel a lot better about your weekend!

Friday was my day off. I got up early to get a little bit of work done that I needed to. I was done by the time everyone woke up. The fun starts once the kids start waking up. Fortunately the older kids sort themselves out but Jack and Emma start barking orders the second they open their eyes. Food but not that food. Tea but not made like that. Clothes but not those ones. TV but not that show. And so we go round and round until my head wants to explode. David took them to his mom for a bit so I managed a nap and some Downton Abbey binge watching. Then it was lunch – so basically we repeat the food but not that food discussion. I went back to catch up on the Abbey and the Crawleys! Avoiding going downstairs meant that by bedtime it looked like a tornado had begun and ended in the lounge. The dishes almost reached the roof and Jack and Emma had each shed a few tears.  Bedtime was a disaster. Emma was having none of it, even if we let her play a little longer. She kicked and kicked our bed in her anger and frustration. 

But they did all go to sleep eventually.

Saturday, Kiara and I did some shopping for our birthdays. It was fun and we managed to both get some nice things. Then we decided to pop in to an activation happening at Menlyn Mall, it is just up the road so I figured it would be fun. It started out fun. The activation was fun and they both enjoyed colouring in and playing. Then David and I decided to stop and grab a coffee on the way out. While David was waiting for the coffee the kids and I went into Exclusive Books. We almost had a beautifully curated moment complete with well behaved kids sitting, reading books. Then I said we have to leave and well, I think the staff at Exclusive Books are currently in therapy to deal with the screaming. I literally had to wrestle a book out of Emma’s hands. They both cried all the way home and Emma continued crying all afternoon for various reasons. The cooking and feeding carried on until bedtime, which was again chaos. It was almost 21h00 when she eventually fell asleep. 

At this stage of the weekend I really wondered if there is actually enough food to satiate the appetites of my children. I had also done about 12 loads of washing over the 2 days. I had also contemplated buying 6 TV’s – so everyone could watch what they wanted to do and I would never again have to ref a fight over Peppa Pig, Ninjago and The Good Wife (Cameron). Our bed also broke at some point during the day on Saturday, thanks to Emma’s tantrum the night before so we were relegated to a mattress on the floor. 

Sunday we did our mini Easter Egg hunt and the kids binged on chocolate for about 5 minutes and then the breakfast demands started. I decided to prepare a big Sunday lunch so I baked and cooked and cleaned. Well I suppose cleaning is relative. I couldn’t sweep because Emma had decided the broom needed a swim and it was sopping wet. As many toys I picked up, more seemed to spill out of every corner of the lounge. The more I folded, the more clothes appeared! I did get to a point where, if my mother popped in, I wouldn’t feel too embarrassed at the state of our home.

Lunch was delicious though and fortunately there was enough to last for dinner time. Emma, however, not one to give up easily, continued tantruming, attacked Jack a few times, threw some stuff all around, got changed a good couple of times.

The older children are not as silent as this post may make it sound. The older one is a pain when he doesn’t swim. He teases the younger ones, eats all the time. ALL.THE.TIME! He moans and whinges and plays this horrible xbox games that I loathe, for no valid reason. 

The washing machine was STILL going and the dishes, by now where almost at the roof! Upstairs had now turned into a toy room and Emma had thought it a good idea to wash the floor with the mop and swimming pool water. 

I love being at home and I love it most when we are all at home. I love days I get to stay in my pjs all day. But 3 days in a row and we are all starting to turn a little feral. 

So today Kiara and I are handing out Easter Eggs with 9114Kids, Cameron is swimming again and the babies are going to granny. I think I can actually hear my house breathe a sigh of relief.

How is your long weekend going?

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  1. 2 April, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Your weekend reminds me of days gone by. It made me smile. ☺️

    Glad Emma and Jack loves books! ♡

  2. Nats
    2 April, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    The staff at Spar need therapy after my 2 had a sibling fight yesterday…

  3. 2 April, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    Hugs. Our weekend was fine until this morning when Brett and Nicky were arguing about Wimpy vs Spur which basically meant going home and me cooking a big breakfast and washing up before this party this afternoon. Public holidays are actually not restful. Brett just wants to put Nicky in front of a screen and I spend a lot of time playing with him. Yesterday 3 hours throwing frisbee and kicking balls and today it was board games.

  4. Tracey
    3 April, 2018 / 11:26 am

    I have PTSD….

  5. 4 April, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    Wow that is hectic! What most struck me though was the fact that you get a day off! I don’t ever have a day off! Never! The rest I can resonate with but that one doesn’t compute with me. I am green with jealousy!

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