Milestones no one writes books about!

I feel like there is a large chunk of parenting that no one writes books about or even warns you about. We all know when a child is supposed to walk, go to school, get their teeth and stuff like that but that is the nice stuff, the fun stuff. There are things that happen, that are natural and a part of life, but are not particularly fun for the parent. 

They are moments where you realise your child’s wings are growing and spreading. You see them standing on the edge of the nest looking down, trying to decide if they are ready to give it a go. These moments are a part of life but they are also bitter sweet.

There are also a few moments I think no one writes about just because they would put people off having children!

So for the sake of full disclosure I am going to share with you all the milestones no one writes about.

Your child will tell you, passionately that they don’t like you. Depending on their personality and levels of passion, they may even say they hate you. It really isn’t personal. At 2/3 they don’t really understand what it means, so try not to let it upset you too much. Milestones|HarassedMom

There is a lot of snot! More than I feel is actually fair. It doesn’t get better the older they get, they are just able to blow their own nose. Although my teens are very fluent in sniffing and not so fluent in blowing their noses.

Yesterday Cameron flew to Durban on his own. I went with to check him in but honestly he didn’t need me to be there. He walked through boarding like he was a seasoned traveler. He chilled in a restaurant, boarded just fine and met my aunts on the other side! I wasn’t really prepared for this. 

THE WHINING!!!! Guys the whining! WHY is this not mentioned anywhere? I am not talking about tantrums or crying but WHINING over something completely insignificant. I can handle a tantrum, I can even handle crying but the whining! Uh-uh! I cannot deal with that. I think this milestone is reached at around 3 years old – I will let you know when it ends :-p

School concerts/Make a hat day/Dress up day.  Yes these days are ridiculously cute but they are also ridiculously stressful for parents. Very few of us just have a selection of dress up costumes in our toy rooms, so we either have to buy or hire or try make a plan. But before we do this we have to REMEMBER that we have to do this. Yes I know a little slip of paper was sent with my 2 year old to make sure I know what is needed. We have a concert tomorrow. Kiara told me yesterday she needs a white shirt and all those jeans that were in Emma’s cupboard have just disappeared. This is not my first rodeo guys and yet I STILL struggle with these days.

Homework! Yes it is very exciting on day one of Grade 1 but by the third week, you are wondering what 7th circle of hell you have stepped into! My advice on this is to teach them how to do it themselves as soon as it is socially acceptable. (Usually around Grade 3).

Do you have anything to add?

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  1. deborah
    18 September, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    Had a giggle with this post. There is so much that we don’t get taught like my folks always say “any fool can have a child but it takes a real army to raise them” apart from the milestones we don’t get taught about there is also those occasions like dealing with the competition in the classroom or how to deal with the bullies and also how can you raise the children the same yet they grow up so differently (if that makes sense

    • Laura-Kim
      18 September, 2017 / 8:28 pm

      YES!!! They grow up SO differently even when raised the same!

    • Laura-Kim
      18 September, 2017 / 8:27 pm

      Maybe my teens are just savages :-p

  2. 18 September, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Oliver still whines…

  3. 18 September, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    There am too many and my oldest is only 9 1/2. The eye rolling, the “big kid tantrum” that can’t be put in a corner or disciplined quite the same as the 2 year old.
    The toilet mess, farting, burping and clothes EVERYWHERE. It’s like living in the hangover sometimes.
    Hair! Hair doesn’t just brush itself. I’m drowning in it.
    Plus, that if you don’t put your hygiene first, as a parent, you can be dirty for days and not even realize it. They consume all personal time and space.
    But here’s the crazy bit – the love never ever goes away! Tantrum and all, I still love my kid. It’s phenomenal

  4. 20 September, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    This is very true. There is also the ‘not you’ phase. When my 4YO needs something and my husband steps in, and she says “not you” to my husband.

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