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3 of my current favourite nail polish colours

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While I wish I could have my nails done every few weeks, sometimes life just doesn’t work out like that. It is not proper to head out of the house with chipped nails though, I have over the years found some go-to nail polish colours. A while ago I went through a blue phase and had a whole load of blue nail polishes in various colours.  Recently I discovered a stunning red, which has replaced my blue collection.

Essence Gel Nail Polish “sweet as candy”. This is almost a nude colour which is what makes it so great. I struggle to keep nail polish on my fingers for more than a day or two before it starts chipping. This is a great colour to use because you don’t easily notice the chips. Kiara also likes using this one.

Hean no 157. I can’t seem to find a name on this nail polish. It is a stunning red colour that I wear mainly on my toes. It lasts pretty well and isn’t too red, if that makes sense. It is my current favourite colour.

Essence Gel Nail Polish “play with my mint”. This is still one of my all time favourite colours and I have a lot of tops and shoes in various shades of this colour. In between the reds, I wear this one. It dries quickly and also lasts pretty well.

Which of these three is your favourite? If none, then what is your current favourite?

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  1. 10 April, 2017 / 8:59 am

    I’m wearing that mint on my toes now. But I think it’s called That’s what I mint. If not, then that’s the colour i have on my toes.

    (I do actually think of you when I think of that mint colour)

    I use that candy one for Kendra’s nails during school holidays 🙂

    I wrote a big post about my favourite nail polishes – it’s here


    But I think my favourites vary per season – I do like Serendipity (a cross between mauve and grey) a whole lot and if I ever see it in store, I buy another bottle, both for me and for people who keep saying I LOVE THAT COLOUR 🙂
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