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When I have nothing to say but I must speak

Here we are Thursday the 22 February already. I lost a few days this week and was convinced yesterday was Monday, so much so when Jane said goodbye yesterday and that she would see me on Friday I argued with her and said NO I will see you on Wednesday! Good news I suppose that it was, in fact, not Monday!

When I get busy like this week I struggle to find the words to write. My head gets full of too much stuff and there is no space to write but I need to speak, so here I am speaking.HarassedMom

I haven’t done a bit of a random, rambly post in a while so I think it is time!

David left for Cape Town this morning (we shall not mention the reason for the trip) for 4 days so it is me, the kids and there extra murual schedules and insatiable appetites. Fortunately Ansie has saved the day and I will be seeking refuge with her this weekend while the kids run feral.

I have cut out carbs and honestly I don’t even miss them. Sugar is not one to be let go so easily and I am still struggling to end that relationship completely.HarassedMom

Jack and Emma move schools next week. While I know the move is for the best it is still making me a little sad. I love the school where they are right now but we just can’t keep up with the fees. They both seem on board with it right now. I am sure the transition is going to be smooth. I am happy with both schools.

I recently watched the Bletchley Circle and Rebellion on Netflix! You have to watch them! Both them! Once you are done watching it, I guarantee you will be glad you are a women now and not in the early 1900’s!!

I am turning 40 this year! I haven’t had a birthday part in years and I think it’s time for a bit of fuss don’t you?

What is going with you?

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  1. 23 February, 2018 / 8:17 am

    We are 6 weeks down on lowering carbs and sugar. I just cut out sugar cold turkey. For me, there is no other way…I manage to convince myself why I should be allowed some.
    Carbs is not a problem, if you meal plan, for us anyway. We did a pizza yesterday, and it was delicious. So to be honest, I don’t miss the carbs, but I miss my milky sweet tea.
    MamaCat recently posted…Poison notes.My Profile

  2. 27 February, 2018 / 9:44 am

    HEheh nice title tough!

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