Oh, so its September (and other news you need to know)

Apparently, it is the 1st September today. I know it is ridiculously cliched to say, “time flies” but seriously guys – it is SEPTEMBER! HOW? It feels like we were just in Cape Town for Christmas and now we need to start planning for this year’s Christmas.

I am enjoying the warmer weather and new wardrobe that comes with it. It would be nice to maybe slide into summer rather than literally wake up to temps of 25 degrees overnight. This is Africa right, it is how we roll – we have 2 months of Winter and 10 of summer!

Everyone in our house woke up snotty and someone is always sneezing, change of season is fun in our house, especially this one. September also marks the downward slide to end of year madness for us. Cameron’s gala start, we already have 3 booked for September and the mails keep coming. He also has his Grade 9 camp just before the holidays and Kiara has qualified for Nationals which means she heads down to Durban in the holidays.

The babies (and Kiara’s) school has a big birthday coming up so all 3 of them are in the celebration event happening sometime in September. Kiara’s dance exams happen in November which means its lots of dancing until then.

In between all of this we are waiting for “our baby” to arrive. Kiara, Jane and I are very excited about this and I keep checking in with the social worker.

For those of you that are supporters – pledging for Santa Shoebox opens today! If you haven’t done it before it is a really great project to get involved with.

Santa Shoebox |HarassedMom

How are you doing?

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  1. deborah
    1 September, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    This year is running away with us for sure! Just now it will be rushing around for school uniforms and stationary again. Glad I’m not the only mom sitting on the pool deck while one of the kids swim although I must say these last couple galas have been great for my daughter (although only a level one swimmer) she has got PB at every gala and we have another one this weekend lets hold thumbs she takes off time off this weekend again. Shew busy times ahead still

  2. 2 September, 2017 / 2:09 am

    I understand completely how you feel. Summer has seemed to run away and I am already thinking about saving for Christmas. Charlene, faithtoraisenate.com

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