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Parenting does get easier….sometimes

We have all been told at some time or another that parenting will get easier. I am still a little skeptical, I am not sure it really gets easier, just different and more of than not we just get used it! Although I am still not convinced, I will say that travelling with kids does get easier as they get older. In fact it can actually be fun, even when travelling with 4 kids. 

I recently shared some tips on how to make travelling easier but now that Emma is old enough to walk on her own, carry a bag and generally understand a little more, it is a lot easier. 

Have four kids who can walk on their own is a huge bonus. Not only does it free your hands up, it reduces the amount of stuff you have to travel with because you don’t need a pram and all the other things that go with a baby. It also makes moving between boarding gates simpler.

All four are potty trained which means, no searching for baby friendly changing rooms any more or trying to change a baby in those tiny airplane toilets. If you are road tripping it is also easier to do a wee stop than a stinky nappy change stop! Saying goodbye to nappies was indeed a happy day, even if we never travel.

While I still ended up carrying to much crap this trip, everyone is able to carry their own bag which does help to spread the load and it means everyone can pack a back pack for the plane to keep themselves busy. 

We all know Emma wasn’t really a sleeper but she handles not sleeping a lot better now so we don’t have to travel around nap time or worry about getting her to sleep. Packing snacks is also easier and we can grab take out without having to try find baby friendly food, especially if you are driving to your holiday destination.

Emma is only 4 now but she does understand and is able to appreciate what is happening so we do a lot more talking and discussing where we are going, how we are getting there and interesting things along way. How much she will remember, I am not sure but our trips are a lot more interactive for everyone now.

Now that they are all older, I wouldn’t mind travelling a little more with them. There are so many places in South Africa I would love to take them too. 

Do you enjoy travelling with your kids?




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  1. 15 July, 2018 / 6:05 am

    Some things do get easier as the kids get older!! Just the fact that my girls are old enough to walk from the house to the car and back saves valuable moments (and sanity) on my part. I admit I like diapers on road trips though, less pressure to find potties while on the go!

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