{Product Review} Hello Shongololo

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein

It is through play that children learn. On the surface it may look like your child is simply playing with their dolls or drawing a picture. So much more happens while they are doing those things though. Drawing develops hand-eye co-ordination, when your child is copying a picture they have to plan the process, even colouring in requires planning. 

My children don’t have a shortage of toys, but my favourite ones are the ones that allow them to use their imagination and creativity. The Hello Shongololo Box is filled with items that encourage both creativity and imagination.  Hello Shongololo|HarassedMom

We explored our box a few Saturdays ago and while the box we received was for children between the ages of 3 – 5 years old, we all ended up playing with the contents. I have mentioned before that I love toys like this. I am all about getting the most bang for my buck and while I wouldn’t buy this box for Cameron, the fact that he was able to get involved was a bonus.

The Hello Shongololo boxes have been designed with little people in mind. The objective is to encourage learning through play. 

We have three exciting adventures on offer, Shongololo on wheels; Shongololo visits the farm; and Shongololo’s safari adventure. Each box includes fun activities to enhance hand-eye co-ordination, activities to encourage creative play and improve dexterity, theme based books, crayons and more! For your convenience, boxes are delivered directly to your door.

The box we received had crayons,a colouring activity book, a set of wild animals and a bushveld landscape and some play doh and stickers. 

I liked the that everything fitted into a theme, it makes it easier to talk to your children about those specific animals/themes. The play doh was probably the biggest hit. We had so much fun building a variety of animals. The little activity book comes with a set of instructions but we spent some time googling different animals and everyone built something. Jack loves drawing so he immediately completed all the drawing activities. 

These boxes are R350 each, which honestly is well worth it for the time my children have spent playing with it. The animals are solid and can go in the bath and have survived a trip outside without a scratch on them, my kids can be rather rough with their toys. 

The little story book was my favourite, I loved this addition. It makes the whole box and the little shongololo really come to life. David reads a story to the kids every night and it is a big deal for them, so books are always welcome in our home.

What also appealed to me as a mother, was the travel kits. We travel to the Cape twice a year. It is a long trip, even if we fly down. Having something that can be bought specially for the trip really appeals to me. 

For more information on the different boxes from Hello Shongololo visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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