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{Product Review} Mineraline

It has taken me nearly four months to write this review, not because I am that behind but because I wanted to see how long this product would last me, so that when I say this product is affordable, you believe me! I was first introduced to Mineraline about 2 years ago at one of our #jozimeetup events. I kept a tube of their hand cream in my car and on my desk because it is the perfect winter hydrating cream. Their mud mask was also great and gentle enough for Kiara to use.

Earlier this year their brand got a bit of a shake up and I was invited to the launch of the new look products. The new look is completely different in a very good way. It is clean, modern and elegant. The colours, the design, the packaging, all of it is just beautiful.

We were given a few of the facial products to try out which I was super excited about because I have only ever used the hand lotion, scrub and one of the masks. 

There are a variety of ranges within the range to suit different skin types. I tested out the cleansing gel, moisturiser and the Time It Serum.

I loved the cleansing gel, it had a clean smell to it which I absolutely love in a cleanser and it left my skin feeling super clean. I used the moisturiser in the morning only because it was a little heavy for my skin to use twice a day. It could also have been because the products were from different ranges.

My absolute favourite product was the Time It Serum. It was like smooth silk on my skin but never left my skin feeling oily at all. In fact it felt so incredibly soft. I haven’t tried loads of serums but this one is definitely the best one so far and well worth the R245 price tag, especially because I still have some of mine left and its been 4 months! 

On that note this is one of the most affordable ranges of good skin care that I have found. I used my cleansing gel twice a day and lasted me just over 3 months. The moisturiser finished a little before the cleansing gel, so still worth it. 

Kiara has been using the Clarify range and I can see the difference in her skin. It definitely helps control the spots!

As a family our favourite was the Dead Sea Black Mud Peel-Off Mask. The difference in our skin was visible immediately. I have never used a mask that has made such an immediate difference.  Cameron used this as well so it really was something we all loved.

The products are all available at Dischem so you can order online and earn points. 

Have you seen this product before? 

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  1. 17 June, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    Love these products as well. Esp that eye cream and the Time It Serum too.

  2. 22 April, 2019 / 7:02 am

    I used tme it moisturizer while in S.A. it’s fantastic. I’m in New Zealand and battling to get it. Where can I order it online? Would I be able to have it shipped to me here.

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