{Product Review} Olli Food Pouches

When Baby R arrived I knew he had some issues with food and eating. I did try to get him to eat some of my delicious homemade pureed butternut. He very politely declined my offer by spitting everything back at me. Jane, also not one to be easily defeated, tried to get him to eat porridge. He very quickly stopped being polite and just screamed every time we tried to feed him.

So we stopped and he happily ate the finger foods we presented him with. I tried to accept he was not going to eat pureed food but I kept seeing my Moms and Tots teacher explaining to us why soft food was important for a whole host of reasons. When the team from Olli contacted me to try out some of their food pouches, I literally jumped at the opportunity. Olli Baby Food| HarassedMom

I have started giving the pouches to him slowly and initially he did just squirt it all over the floor. I kept on trying though and with the second one he held on so tight to the pouch and sucked it until there was nothing left. 

Jack and Emma also did a taste test for me and they both flattened 2 each within minutes! David and I also tasted them and honestly I have tasted a lot of baby puree in my life and these are definitely some of the better tasting ones. The beet and berry smoothie is particularly delicious, I am not a beet fan but this one is like a delicious pudding. They all also look like food and not like something manufactured in a machine somewhere.  

There are 12 different choices in the Olli Food Range and they cover breakfast, meals, puds and smoothies. You can read more about these on their websiteOlli Baby Food| HarassedMom

I am all about convenience and these pouches are easy to pop into your nappy bag (or even your hand bag) and to whip out on nights you just don’t feel like cooking. They can be heated in the microwave and have screw tops, so you can squeeze some out and save the rest for later. 

Have you seen the new Olli pouches in store yet?

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