Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo has made my hair levitate.

Pureology Pure Volume|HarassedMomMy hair is not one of my favourite features and this is not me being self depreciating because I really love my legs and I think my eyes are pretty. It is me, instead, being realistic. My hair is dead straight and lacks volume and it is a boring mousy brown colour but it is what it is so I try to make the most of it (mostly). I was recently sent 3 Pureology products to try out, one of them is a levitation mist and it really does make my hair levitate.

I made a short video about my experience with these three products – you may or may not see my hair actually levitate.


If you missed it yesterday I chatted a little bit about toddler tantrums and why I am doing nothing about them at the moment.

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