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I am the first to admit my kids have a lot of toys. This is not because David and I buy them toys, in fact we seldom buy them new toys, when we do it is either their birthday or Christmas. They have grannies who like to spoil them and due to the nature of my blog, I do get a fair amount of awesome toys to review. When our box from BabyWombWorld arrived it was like Christmas in June (or maybe even May). The best thing about this drop was that there was something for everyone (even my #WrapABaby project).

The Tooky Toys for Jack and Emma were so stunning! I think I may have loved them more than they did! Firstly I love bright things and these wooden toys have been painted in bright colours, which appeals to me. The toys are wooden which makes them pretty sturdy and my kids can be pretty rough on their toys and these are doing well.

We received the Wooden Racing Sloping Tower. It is a little tower/race track that comes with 4 cars and you put them onto the top of the tower and they race down. It is the coolest thing. No really I have the best fun with this. When I need a bit of a break from work, I race the cars for 5 minutes and then get back to it. (Seriously I cannot be the only one who plays with my kids toys :-p) Tooky Tools|HarassedMom

On an educational level there is SO much this toy can help with – colours, counting, sequencing, hand-eye co-ordination etc. If we are going to have toys in the house, then I prefer the ones that the kids can learn from. It does ease my guilt a little bit about the amount of toys they have.

The second toy we received was a bigger hit with the kids than the racing tower (which clearly was my favourite).  It was the Pound and Tap Musical Box. It has a xylophone and a box with 3 brightly coloured balls you pound through the holes in the wooden box. Emma loves the xylophone, she carries it with her everywhere. Tapping the balls was also loads of fun for both her and Jack. Tooky Tools|HarassedMom

Tooky Tools|HarassedMom

Again this toy is made from wood and it is incredibly sturdy. We have had a few xylophones and very often the steel parts pop off within days but these one’s haven’t even budged and Emma has really put it through it’s paces. These two toys have so many educational benefits. You can teach colours, fine motor, numbers, sequencing to name a few. 

I would add these toys to my list of toys kids need, they would both make great 1st birthday gifts!

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  1. Tanya Kovarsky
    12 July, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    Is this a subscription box? Is there a website with more info? I’d love to find out more, like where to get them, how much etc etc. Thanks!

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