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I generally don’t attend afternoon events because it’s when the kids need to be fetched and we don’t really have any support here. I get incredibly anxious when something does happen and I am late for a kid, especially if I can’t let them know. So looking for a school transport is actually something I have considered for a while now. Cameron does catch the bus to school but it is not logistically possible for him to catch it home, he would be late for swimming every day. (If you want to see a cloud of darkness for days, make Cameron late). I have used Cool Kids Cabs before but at that stage they were not driving out of Pretoria, they are now!

Yesterday there was an event on I really wanted to attend, the younger 3 were pretty easy to sort out but Cameron was the problem, enter Cool Kids Cabs! They collected Cameron from school and dropped him at swimming for me. Making sure my kids are where they need to be causes me probably more anxiety than it should. I worry until they are dropped off/fetched etc. even when David fetches them. 

Cool Kids Cabs understand this anxiety and they send you all the driver details with a photo, car registration etc before your child is collected. You can then send all that information on to the school or, like I did, straight to your child. Once your child is collected you receive an sms saying they have been fetched and an image of your child in the car. Once they are dropped off you get another message saying they have been dropped off and where. So I didn’t have to try get hold of Cameron to check if he had been fetched, Cool Kids Cabs take that stress away.Cool Kids Cabs | HarassedMom



All of the Cool Kids Cabs are tracked 24 hours a day and there are live video feeds from each vehicle. It did confuse Cameron a little bit when he heard the voice and couldn’t place it. I like that they have constant contact with the cars, and your child. 

The company is made up entirely of women, from the founder to the drivers to the office staff! The drivers are all put through rigorous training before they are put on the road. They receive driver training in this like anti-hijacking, concentration and more, they all also receive CPR training. Car seats are a non-negotiable for Cool Kids Cabs, they have their own seats and all the drivers are trained in how to install them and how to strap kids in correctly. 

Both times we have used Cool Kids Cabs they have been super professional and friendly. They offer a variety of options, you can arrange daily pick ups or use them, like I did, when you need assistance, they are happy to work out customised quotes. 

If you are in the market for school transport then I really recommend adding them to your list! You won’t be sorry.

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