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Silly Season Survival Guide for Moms

While I love Christmas, I am not a big fan of this time of year. It is when I really feel that I am a mom of 4, trying to juggle everything is overwhelming some days. It seems everything has to happen in these last 6 weeks of the year – exams, dance competitions and exams, galas, prize givings, graduations and Christmas parties. This year, I am determined to get too caught up in the craziness and organise as best I can.Silly Season Survival Guide|HarassedMom

Write it down and involve your partner. There are some situations where your partner can’t help out but involving them can be such a huge stress reliever. I put all the commitments into my diary, see what I can realistically do and then I involve David. We have a pretty good routine down now and due to the nature of his job he is able to help out more often than not. Don’t assume your partner won’t help out or can’t – ask them, especially over this period.

Let the kids wait. Ok so this isn’t ideal but I break my neck trying to get to Cameron and Kiara on time. It stresses me out and has often meant I rush through meetings or end up forgetting things. So now I let them wait if I have to. Both of them have safe places to wait and it is never for hours on end and I always let them know. I do feel bad every now and then but it passes.

Say no, it’s ok. I have stopped trying to cram every single invite in. If it is going to put too much pressure on me, I say no. I don’t feel I need to attend every single one of Cameron’s galas or every single school event. Someone will let me know what happened. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously. I ran out of petrol the other day. It was the first time in my life! No really, it was the first time in my almost 40 years that I have ever been in a car that has run out of petrol. I had left Kiara at home with the Baby so I called her to let her know I was going to be a bit longer than planned. We had a proper laugh about my predicament. 

But most importantly be kind to yourself if you drop a ball or five. If no one was hurt, you are ok and can always try again next year right? We are all doing the best we can and need to remember that while this crazy season takes over and makes every a little silly.  

What are the next few weeks looking like for you?

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  1. 5 December, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    I couldn’t agree more to what you said in this post. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up!

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