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Teachers Gifts Made Easy With Sasko

It is that time of the year again, where we need to start buying and preparing gifts for teachers. For the last few years I have been baking cookies and brownies for my kids teachers. It works out cheaper, easier and the kids can all get involved in their respective teachers gifts.

This year Sasko have come on board and made it super easy with their cookie mix which makes the whole process so much quicker.

Teacher gifts made easy with Sasko | HarassedMom

All you need:

Recycled glass jars (we use the Nescafe coffee jars but any glass jar will work)

Christmas ribbons, washi tape, labels – anything Christmas

1 x packet of Sasko cookie mix (depends on how many teachers you are making for, you might need more.)

1 x egg

130g butter


You can add in pretty much anything. We used half a slab of chocolate instead of chocolate chips because it worked out cheaper and the real chocolate is nicer than chocolate chips anyway. For a more Christmas feel you could add chopped up cherries or broken up candy canes. Pretty much anything you feel like.


You don’t have to make cookies you could do brownies or date balls or pretty much anything you wanted to. You could even send them a cookie mix in jar vibe with the ingredients and method written down. The possibilities are endless.

What do you do for teacher gifts?



  1. 26 November, 2018 / 3:15 am

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift idea! I haven’t heard of this cookie mix before, but it sounds delicious. I’ll have to grab some from the store so we can make some homemade gifts.

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