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Things I know about life

Shae isn’t doing Things I know any more but I am going to keep doing it anyway :-p

So things I know about life

  • Parenting is hard.
  • Even if you have a meal plan the brinjal your whole meal went around will be off despite you having checked it.
  • You will stand in dog pee/poop as you are running out the door.
  • Woolworths will always have corn cakes until the day you need to buy.
  • A puppy will arrive on your doorstep at the exact moment you thought your plate was about to break from the weight of stuff on it.
  • Children do not listen. Accept it and work around it.
  • Mothers are the only people who know where things are.
  • Ants (in Pretoria) are mutant animals. Nothing will kill them.
  • No matter how clean you are you will still find maggots in your rubbish bin.
  • You can grow sweet potato plants from sweet potatoes. (Does that even make sense?)
  • Banks suck. All of them – without exception.
  • The only way to knock a nail into the wall is with a hilti. ACCEPT IT!
  • A good teacher is invaluable – do whatever you can to ensure you child (the one that battles) gets a good one.
  • Sometimes you just have to have a little faith!

What do you know about life???


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  1. 27 January, 2012 / 12:06 pm

    I know that Parenting can SUCK and that going to bed earlier is vital for my energy levels. I know that the less time I spend online, the more I read and knit. I know that children DON’T BLOODY LISTEN sometimes and that this drives me NUTS!

    Re: the maggots thing. We had it at the beginning of 2011 – I think it’s the heat. I wash the bin out once a week (with soapy water and jeyes fluid), and EVERY SINGLE TIME I add stuff into that bin I take my Doom along and DOOM the daylights out of it. I have maintained this practice all year (well, except in winter) and I haven’t seen a maggot since then.

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