Things I know for sure

Hello Monday!

I am pleased to report I seem to be finding my way out of my rabbit hole. I can see the light now and have taken this week “off” meetings so I can sit down and focus on what needs to be done and put some proper planning in place to make life easier.

I also seem to have my writing mojo back after two weeks of trying to figure a few things out for myself  with regards to HarassedMom. 

I am starting the week sharing some of the things I know for sure about life and everything in between. I have written a few posts like this before, seems there is a common thread about writing them on Mondays and parenting being hard!

  • It doesn’t matter how much I plan or organise, Emma (and/or Jack) WILL want the pair of pants/shoes/panties that are no where to be found. This will always happen when we are on a tight schedule or my patience is running in negative numbers.
  • The internet will stop working as soon as I am on a deadline or I have time to actually work.


  • If I buy everyone a new toothbrush (for example), Jack will still want mine. Even if his is better, more expensive that mine.
  • Yoga is food for the soul. I am making the effort to get to my class twice a week. I need it.
  • Woolworths has the best coffee! 
  • Joburg traffic is revolting. There is no other way to say – it is REVOLTING!
  • I have never really gotten used to having interrupted sleep. I just say that I have to make myself feel better but I am not used to it, not sure I will ever be.
  • Parenting does not get easier. In fact I think it gets harder.

Tell me what you know for sure.

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