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Things I know for sure about holidays

We don’t get to see our family often. My parents and brother are in the Western Cape and we are up here. Some of the kids (depending who is old enough and not otherwise occupied) spend part of July with my mom, otherwise we are limited to the 2/3 weeks we have in December. We are not unique, millions face this same struggle which is why, for many, annual family holidays are so important and cherished.

TIKFS Holidays While families are your biggest allies, for most people, they can also be your biggest challenge and family holidays don’t always end up being idyllic but that is part of what makes them memorable.

  • There will always be a fight over who sleeps where.
  • There will never be enough toilets.
  • Everyone will feel like they have cleaned up the most.TIKFS Holidays
  • All you will spend your days doing is making meals, cleaning the kitchen and making more meals.
  • The kids will have the best time ever.
  • Siblings, even the adult ones, will at some point try to kill each other.
  • Lasting memories will be made.TIKFS Holidays
  • You can eat as much as you like without fear of judgement, because that’s what family is for right?
  • Routine will go out of the window completely. It is probably easier to just let it go to be honest.

Did you have a big family holiday this year or was it just you and your kids? Tell me what you know for sure about family holidays.

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