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Things I know for sure about travelling

Last week was the last of my travels with the Nickelodeon Genius team. We visited 4 cities in about 6 weeks, which always sounds so exciting when people say it but isn’t really. I had huge amounts of fun with the team and I really do love the show but in and out of hotel rooms and airplanes is exhausting! But that said, there is something exciting about stepping off a plane in a different city.Things I know about Travel|HarassedMom

Life wouldn’t be life if we didn’t learn a few things along the way.

  • Pack as light as you can, having hand luggage only makes life infinitely easier.
  • Check in online and get a seat as close to the front as possible (makes for quick exit).
  • Take a book on the flight, then you can politely get out of having to make random conversation with the stranger next to you.
  • Flying over the city at night is amazing. All my flights were at night, I never got tired of seeing the lights.
  • Keep a bag of travel sized toiletries. (Learnt this after I left my toothpaste on our first trip).
  • Take an adaptor with a two point connection. Not every hotel has one where you can charge your phone. 
  • Take a few pieces of fruit off the breakfast buffet, you never know when you will need a snack.
  • Accept you will never figure out the hotels aircon.
  • Mini bars are put there on purpose to tempt you. You will find yourself eating NikNaks in bed at 21h00 just because they are there. 
  • Travelling is SO much easier if you have access to the airport lounges. In fact I wouldn’t haven’t survived without it.
  • Hotel restaurant food is overpriced. (I may or may not have paid R195 for a BURGER).
  • People get very ratty when travelling. There is always someone who will get upset over something really small.
  • Sometimes a hotel bed isn’t better than your own bed.
  • Black out curtains are the BOMB.
  • Nespresso machines in hotel rooms should be banned. Or come with a guide or something. 

If you travel a lot or just maybe you know – WHY do hotel rooms still have shower caps in them? Do people actually use them? Do you use a shower cap? Is it a thing? I really do need to know.

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  1. 31 October, 2016 / 8:40 am

    A hotel without connection facilities are way outdated!

  2. 31 October, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    I use shower caps. I only wash my hair every 2nd day so on the inbetween days, shower caps!

  3. 1 November, 2016 / 11:08 am

    I have never used a shower cap in my life. I would rather that the hotel gives you a small bottle of amarula instead of a shower cap 😉

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