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Things to do with kids in Joburg

Just because we don’t have the sea up her in Gauteng doesn’t mean we have nothing to do in the holidays. There is loads of kid friendly activities in Joburg that won’t break the bank but will still keep your kids busy.

The Transformers expo is still on at the Red Barn at Emperors. If you have a Transformers fan, then I really suggest you attend this expo. The bigger kids, David and I went and it was awesome. Granted I am a huge Transformers fan, so it didn’t take much for me to be impressed but it really is well worth it.Holiday Activities Joburg|HarassedMom

Bounce. I recently discovered that it is possible to work while your kids Bounce at Bounce. I spent some time there last week and was super impressed. This is great for those of us who work from home and need to still work during the holidays. You can let the kids get rid of their energy while you get some work done. They have power points with two point plugs and usb points AND they have nice big cups of delicious coffee.

Club V. If you are a Virgin Active member check out your club’s schedule, they usually have some great activities lined up for the kids. You can use the time to work out or have a cup of coffee at Kauai.

Park it up. Joburg and Pretoria have some lovely parks. Last week I discovered a lovely one just off Glenhove road. Take your kids, pack a picnic basket and see what you can find, I guarantee you, you will find something special without too much effort.Holiday Activities Joburg|HarassedMom

Go for a hike. There are some great hiking routes in and around Joburg and many of them are kid-friendly. It is a nice way to get everyone out of the house and enjoy the stunning autum weather.

Easter Playground at Silverstar This event is on from the 1 April to the 17 April and entry is free. It is a fun outing, the kids can play in the playground, watch some movies and see the Easter Bunny. 

Are you here for the holidays or are you going away?



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