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What is currently happening over here

Who else let out a massive sigh of relief this morning as the kids all went back to the loving arms of their teachers? I know it is such a cliched thing to complain about especially because it happens 4 times a year but I have considered getting office space because I struggle so much with productivity when the kids are at home and my business is growing so fast right now that I just can’t afford 4 holidays a year. 

Anyway enough moaning, I have a few months grace now until the next break!

What is currently happening over here?

Watching: I have kinda run out of things to watch. I have the TV on in the background during the day so half watch a lot of stuff :-p What are you currently watching?

Listening too: I listen to affirmations twice a day and they are life changing. I have just started listening to one at night that helps me sleep. It is fantastic, I fall asleep and wake up in the morning – no tossing and turning. If you are keen to try some out the Brain Garage in the Play Store is a great place to start. I recently finished Maya Angelous, Mom and Me and Mom on audible. I LOVED every single second of it. Her relationship with her mother is complex but ultimately so beautiful. Harassed Mom's Ramblings

Organising: Our house. I did a massive toy room purge over the weekend. My bus is filled to the brim with toys for a children’s home. We have 3 boxes left in the toy room – one with action figure/Barbies etc, one with Lego and one dress up box. That.Is.It. I hate my kitchen. It is ugly and old so Cameron offered to start with the renovations, he has taken all the tiles off  and now I am contemplating removing the cupboards (they are a million years old and hideous).

Excited About: My little business is getting it’s wings and starting to fly. It does feel like I have been thrown out the nest and its a “fly or die” cases but I fortunately have one of the most amazing clients who has taken the leap of faith with me and we have some big things planned for Speak SocialHarassed Mom's Ramblings

Eating: Yesterday the oxtail at Checkers was on special – R75.99p/kg – isn’t that just a crazy prize?? So that’s on the menu tonight, slow cookers are your best friends in winter! I am following an eating plan from my new trainer and I am LOVING it, lots of “clean” eating and fresh foods! Seriously though guys, how freaking expensive is meat at the moment?????

My kids are currently: not here :-p Kiara and Jack are doing their thing and are proper middle kids, they both just get on with stuff. Cameron is getting anxious about having to start applying for varsities soon. He has also started swimming galas again, which I am glad about. Emma is Emma! We spent 30 minutes trying to get her out then house this morning. I was in tears, David was almost in tears and she was full on wailing. It was not fun. I am hoping once routine returns she will settle

What is currently happening in your life?






  1. deborah
    19 July, 2018 / 7:57 am

    I am SO thanksful that its back to school! got a little lax in the holidays so it was going to bed a bit later now back to the normal rat race although busier glad to have them back on that craziness. (although because my son is at a remedial school we had “holiday homework”) it was nothing too hectic and has helped now seeing as he knows after school its homework time. Just reregistered my daughter for the new simming season again so ill also be joining you with the gala thing a bit stressed about that as my daughter just been moved up to level 2.

  2. 23 July, 2018 / 3:15 pm

    we are working towards getting into headstart! so its a busy week

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