Whats in my medicine box?

Last week I asked for a few ideas for blog posts.  This was one of them and I thought it was a great idea. Some might think because I have 4 kids I have a medicine box that covers pretty much every eventuality. Well I think the opposite is true actually, I have learnt what is necessary and what not, so I actually have a pretty small medicine box.   First Aid Box| HarassedMom

So what are my must have items in my medicine box.

Smecta. This is for runny tummies and it is literally goes everywhere with me. It is in a powder form and comes in little sachets so it is easy to pop into nappy and hand bags. It doesn’t really taste too nice so keep a syringe with it but it works the best.

Valoid suppositories and tablets. My kids (all of them) are vomiters, so I even have a sheet of valoid tablets in my car. We have over the years tried various syrups but the suppositories are the only way to treat vomiting. 

Pain and fever meds. I don’t have a particular brand but generally use Stopayne and now with Baby R we have added a bottle of Calpol to the mix. If you have nothing else in your box, have something for fevers. You child is never going to get a temp at a convenient time, it usually happens just after your doctor has closed, in the middle of the night or a Sunday afternoon.

Tonsilitis tissue salts. If my kids get sick it will be tonsils, so I keep a bottle of these tissue salts and for the most part it does stop anything major developing. 

And that is pretty much it. I have at, times had more medicines in the box but honestly I just end up throwing a lot out because they are past their use by date. So now I keep it to the things I know we are likely to use.

What is in your medicine box?

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  1. deborah
    5 October, 2017 / 8:46 am

    my medicine cabinet very similar always have pain and fever meds being sinus sufferers always have nasal spray and sinutabs, some plasters, allergex and anti hestimine , lastly always carry a bottle of anthesan and germelene need to invest in an ointment to remove bluebottle stings for the times we on the beach

  2. Linda
    6 October, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I have that exact same medicine tin – use it for ‘holiday’ meds when we go away.

    My medicine box has changed a lot since the kids are older and I only have the basics at home now.

    I normally have:
    Nurofen and Stilpayne
    Allergex (I use the new non-drowsy one)
    Valoid and Kantrexil
    Rescue tablets
    Cough meds – something like Pholtex
    Ointments – Germolene, Anthisan, Bactroban and Quadriderm (works for everything)
    Burn shield

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